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Why is this work Important?

Federal rental assistance (FRA) helps our local economy to thrive. When we are able to access the available federal support, it directly and positively impacts Asheville’s affordable housing crisis. FRA dollars make private market housing affordable to low income renters, and the BRAC helps ensure that the landlords do not sustain financial loss to support those in need in our community.

For tenants,

this means access to housing in low-poverty areas which research has shown helps CHILDREN escape intergenerational poverty and have improved life outcomes.


We provide education and support in the pre-tenant and ongoing tenancy to assist with:

  • Housing searches
  • Budgeting for the private market and your voucher
  • Communication with landlords
  • Interviewing with Landlords
  • Compliance with lease terms
  • Home maintenance
  • Expectations when renting from private landlords

For landlords,

this means that your rental property could be part of the solution to the housing crisis and contribute to building more equitable practices that help to end intergenerational poverty in our community without sacrificing profitability or sustainability.


Our program provides:

  • Guaranteed Rent + Security Deposit
  • Housing Stability Bonus 
  • Damage Insurance Funds 
  • Dedicated Support from both a  Landlord and a Tenant Navigator

For our community,

this means that Housing in high opportunity/low poverty areas increases equity in our community.


Studies have shown that

  • Moving a child from a low opportunity to a higher opportunity neighborhood has a measurable effect on the child’s outcomes by increasing upward mobility potential
  • Children who grow up in communities with more cross-class interaction are much more likely to rise out of poverty.
  • Helping vulnerable populations find better housing opportunities helps people to move away from cycles of intergenerational poverty. 
  • Providing access to housing that meets High Quality Standards (HQS) helps to reduce restrictive policies that keep families trapped in high poverty areas, stigma, and discriminatory practices 
  • This work builds bridges to support a THRIVING community.

    The mission of the Buncombe Rental Assistance Collaborative is to connect landlords, property managers, and nonprofits with those in need of housing opportunities in Buncombe County.


    Thrive Asheville and the Buncombe Rental Assistance Collaborative are working to create equity for high-poverty communities, supporting upward mobility, and the end of intergenerational cycles of poverty.

    1. We are helping qualified tenants make use of their housing mobility vouchers by securing housing that better meets their needs and promotes long-term stability and success.
    2. We are providing EDUCATION to tenants to take responsibility for their economic participation and to landlords to develop successful partnerships with tenants, and to understand WHY this is important and will help our communities.
    3. We provide incentives to landlords to encourage success with tenants in need of safe, stable housing. 

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