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“Your rental property could be part of the solution to the housing crisis, and a living, breathing piece of Asheville’s success story.”

– Iris Flovin, Landlord Navigator


Buncombe Rental Assistance Collaborative makes providing safe housing for our neighbors in need more profitable and easier for landlords by ensuring that federal rental assistance is utilized effectively.

How does the Collaborative make the process easier for landlords?

Thrive Asheville the Collaborative are closing the profitability gap for landlords by layering local funding and providing landlord and tenant navigation to support the entire process from start to finish and beyond.

Guaranteed Rent + Security Deposit

Our incentives make rental payments more competitive with markets. Guaranteed rent will be direct deposited prior to rent due date.

Housing Stability Bonus

A financial bonus of up to $2,500 covers the landlord’s costs of joining the program, including the time invested in learning and matching with the right tenants.

Damage Insurance Funds for Landlord Protection

To offset the risks associated with renting, landlords can access damage insurance funds or indemnification up to $7,500.

Dedicated Navigation Support

Landlords and tenants are paired with direct service navigators who provide education and individualized coaching.

Thrive Asheville and the Collaborative have created new opportunities for landlords to be part of the solution. We help to connect landlords, tenants, nonprofits, and housing specialists to support neighbors in need of housing assistance to find a home. Learn more about our Collaborative partners:

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If YOU or a landlord you know is ready to join us, please contact Thrive’s Landlord Navigator, Iris Flovin:

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