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The Landlord-Tenant Partnership (LTP), is a proven program that empowers families who seek to move from public housing communities into mixed-income neighborhoods in the private rental market, promoting social mobility for children living in poverty. The LTP recruits and compensates landlords who will accept federally funded Housing Choice Vouchers and provides tenants with coaching and support for long-term success.

Who do we serve?

Landlords and tenants who are working together for the first time to utilize Housing Choice Vouchers.

Families who seek to move from public housing into mixed-income neighborhoods, promoting social mobility for children living in poverty and landlords who will accept vouchers.

The Landlord-Tenant Partnership Program makes accepting Housing Choice Vouchers profitable and easy for landlords, and more successful for tenants. The Housing Choice Voucher program, commonly known as Section 8, is a HUD subsidized income-based program that provides rental assistance for low-income families. The Landlord Tenant Partnership Program is a partnership between Thrive Asheville, the Asheville Housing Authority, the tenant, and the owner/landlord of the rental property.

Resources + Support

  • Financial Incentives for landlords
  • Damage Insurance for landlords
  • Education for landlords and tenants that helps address the challenges in moving to private market rentals.
  • Direct Service for landlords and tenants

Success Story!

Laurel and Kinia became Landlord-Tenant Partners in August 2022, and the landlord has already initiated the process to renew.  

Like most of our landlord-partners, potential for long-term partnership is ideal, and our current renewal rate is 86%. Laurel recently shared with Landlord Navigator, Francina, that she is happy to know that her relationship has become more than a simple tenancy and has evolved into a partnership with a sense of community. Because both Laurel and Kinia are mothers with young children, there have been many opportunities for these women to relate beyond just the expected  landlord-tenant relationship. Taking an interest in each other’s personal growth, as well as the growth of their partnership, proves collaboration as the unifying agent.

As we know, stable housing affects every outcome we seek, whether it be health, education, or wealth. We are proud to report that since her tenancy began 6 months ago, Kinia is happily employed in the same position, her children are healthy and thriving, and she recently fulfilled a goal to complete Real Estate school for Pre Licensure as a Broker. Thank you Kinia and Laurel, for trusting the process, and being active participants in the way we shape our community!

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