About Us

We work together across agencies to connect landlords and property managers to nonprofits and those they serve with housing opportunities in Buncombe County.


we can change the future of our community by securing access to housing for our community’s most vulnerable groups – children, survivors, and the unhoused.

Many families in need of safe housing where children can thrive, cannot make this transition because landlords are unwilling to accept Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) and other forms of rental subsidies. As a result, marginalized groups are trapped in concentrated poverty, and our community misses out on millions of dollars in federal funding for housing each year. Even after securing a private unit, moving to an unfamiliar neighborhood is challenging for unprepared families. Significant increases in tenant responsibility accompany the move into private market housing, and many clients struggle with these differences. Given the scarcity of housing opportunities, we need to open the doors to more housing and ensure the success of every family.

What We Do

We recruit and incentivize landlord participation, and provide education and support to tenants to create successful landlord-tenant relationships.

About BRAC

BRAC was developed to support our neighbors in need of housing by creating a collaborative among housing agencies in Buncombe County. From 2020-2022, Thrive Asheville successfully piloted a program called the Landlord-Tenant Partnership (LTP), an innovative program to address housing challenges. Based on the success of Thrive’s pilot program, the Landlord-Tenant Partnership, Thrive was awarded funding from Buncombe County and Asheville City to expand the LTP, and develop the Buncombe Rental Assistance Collaborative (BRAC) with five local housing agencies. Thrive is the backbone organization of the BRAC project, organizing, coordinating, and leading all BRAC partners toward successful collaboration and outcomes. BRAC partners will work together for 28 months to move 150 vulnerable households into safe, stable housing, building on the successful principles we tested in the LTP.

Our Vision

A high-functioning ecosystem exists in Buncombe County, where federal rental assistance (FRA) is utilized effectively, becomes widely accepted, and moves tenants to long-term housing stability.

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You can learn more by contacting the Buncombe Rental Assistance Collaborative Program Director, Kate Pett

BRAC Partners Include…

Thrive’s vision is to help Asheville become a place where all thrive and share in the beauty and prosperity of our city because we are equitable, sustainable, and connected. Our mission is to collaborate with local residents and community leaders from diverse perspectives to understand our city’s challenges, forge new relationships, and act on the best solutions together.

For more information about Thrive and what we do, contact Thrive’s Community Development Coordinator, Kelly Golden at kelly@thriveasheville.org

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